Fresh Yeast

Song Ma

Applications & Benefits

Song Ma® fresh yeast is recommended for the manufacturing of any type of bakery products using traditional methods.

Song Ma® is adapted for long fermentation and slow proofing process.

It contains between 30 to 33% of dry matter.

Easily crumbled, it can be easily scaled and mixed during mixing cycle.

Song Ma® yeast is recognized for its consistency.

Song Ma® fresh yeast gathers all the advantages of fresh yeast in terms of performance and quality.

This yeast is adapted for any lean dough recipe using low sugar and fat content.


Add Song Ma® fresh yeast directly to the flour at the beginning of the mixing step.


Song Ma® is available in cartons of 20 blocks of 500g individually wrapped in polyethylene packaging.


To keep its quality performance, Song Ma® fresh yeast needs to be stored in cool conditions between +1oC to +10oC and clean environment.

Product shelf-life

Up to 5 weeks from the production date in closed original packaging if stored in dry conditions with good air circulation at +1oC to +10oC.

The Lesaffre “plus”

Our technical advisors from Lesaffre Baking Center™ in France, as well as the usage of Lesaffre Singapore facility and Saf-Viet.


Song Ma