Services include product development, training and technical support

Thanks to the network of international Baking Center, Saf-Viet Baking Center™ is fully aware of the constraints of culture & products characteristics at each country. Using a co-development approach, we provide technical solutions that are consistent and adapted to the characteristics of each market.


Product Development

In order to serve different demands of each customer, besides the supply of various kind of yeasts and ingredients, Saf-Viet also support customers to develop their products as well as to meet various demand of the market such as:

  • Creation of recipes for new products
  • Optimization of bread making process
  • Exchange baking technics
  • Consultancy of using appropriate ingredients



  • Guiding how to use yeast and ingredients effectively.
  • Training and supporting customers all kind of bread using yeast included:
    • Bread, sandwich, Hamburger
    • Taiwanese sweet dough
    • European Bread
    • Viennese  (Croissant, Danish …)
  • Supply the training on targeted themes and as per request at Saf-Viet Baking Center™ or at customers’ premises.
  • Organize the internal training for Saf-Viet employees which enable people to have a chance to discover more about bakery.


Technical support

As the driving force in exchanges of know-how, Saf-Viet Baking Center™ technicians intervene directly in workshops and at production sites to deal with specific requests and offer technical support for customers. Personalized advice, testing of new products and adjust of bread making process under real conditions will satisfy customers who confront new challenges every day.


Product Development