Quality, Safety, Enviroment

Human & Environmental safety




Saf-Viet safety best practices are aligned with those of Lesaffre group with the goal to reduce not only accidents and health injuries but also occupational diseases related to its daily activities. To do so, Saf-Viet empower its employees at all position to partly define company safety objectives and solutions. Saf-Viet will then provide enough resources for solution implementation.

Broad communication and annual training from experts in different fields (Doctors, Firefighting officers, OHS consultants) are used to promote safe behaviors and to raise safety awareness among all employees.

Saf–Viet, as part of Lesaffre group, is committed to reduce its environmental footprint. All our Raw Materials are exploited to their fullest and Co-product generated is transformed by using advanced technologies into a range of agri-supply solutions for fields fertilization.

Saf-Viet is also encouraging its employees to adopt environmental friendly behavior and reduce overall environmental footprint.


Quality & Hygiene



Saf-Viet is committed to always improve its quality management system and production best practices.

Meeting our customers’ expectations means delivering them products that guarantee Food Safety and Tailored solution for both Craft and Industrial segment.

All Saf-Viet products are compliant with national and international food standards and are regularly assessed by Saf-Viet Quality Control department as well as external certified Laboratories.

Overall Saf-Viet hygiene and best production practice are maintained at the highest standards by providing to Saf-Viet employees up to date training on HACCP, GMP and Food Safety programs.