Minute Bread

Minute Bread
Lesaffre has developed an original patented anti-flaking concept especially designed for rapid bake off. Combining a bread-making process with the use of an improving agent, Minute Bread® enables bread that has been frozen after pre-baking at high temperature to be ready in less than three minutes and solves the problem of crust flaking often noticed during final baking.

Applications & Benefits

minute-bread3Minute Bread® resolves the problem of flaking crust (the cryodessiccation of virtually-cooked products stored under negative cold conditions) and gives an identical appearance to bread baked in a traditional way.

Minute Bread® gets rid of the shrinking phenomenon occurring in standard frozen part baked process during final baking.

Minute Bread® enables bread to stay fresher for longer and preserves the thin and golden crust.

Guaranteeing better productivity and flexibility at the sales point, Minute Bread® is a quick answer to demand fluctuation.

Simple, products can be taken directly from the freezer and placed in the oven with no need for defrosting.

Fast, with a final baking lasting a maximum of 2 to 3 minutes for a 300g baguette, Minute Bread® is your time saving partner.

Level of use

1% of on flour weight.

Direction for use

Add Minute Bread® directly into the flour and mix.


10kg bag in a box.


To ensure the best results, store Minute Bread® in a cool and dry place (temperature should not exceed 30°C).


12 months from production date.