Magimix Green

Magimix Green® has been especially designed for production of all kinds of sweet dough, buns and toast breads. Its performance eases the daily work of the bakers and leads to customer’s satisfaction.


Magimix Green® improves the machinability of the dough for better handling.

Reinforcing the glutinous network and optimizing gas retention, Magimix Green® improves the dough tolerance.

Offering a better oven spring during baking, Magimix Green® provides an exceptional volume to your products.

Magimix Green® allows you to obtain a better softness, increasing your end-product shelf-life.

Level of use

From 0.3 to 0.5% on flour weight.

Direction for use

Put Magimix Green® into the flour, add other ingredients and then start mixing.


10kg bag in a box.


To ensure the best results, store Magimix Green® in a cool and dry place (temperature should not exceed 30°C).


24 months from production date.


Magimix Green