Magimix Blue

Lesaffre has developed this patented bread improver for frozen dough. Adapted for any type of bread (French baguette, Brioche, Croissant, Laminated dough…), Magimix Blue® allows you to extend the shelf-life of frozen dough in its frozen state and get an optimal end product.


Thanks to its formulation, Magimix Blue® will improve the dough machinability and increase the dough tolerance.

Magimix Blue® will also provide you with total effectiveness at every production stage:

  • The dough is more resistant to the shock of the freezing process
  • The dough’s quality is retained during long term frozen storage
  • The dough quality is retained once defrosted and less fragile in the fermentation process
  • The fermentation is improved thanks to a better impermeability of the gluten network.

Combined with an adapted yeast, Magimix Blue® is the most suitable solution to optimize the quality of your frozen products with:

  • An extended shelf-life
  • A better volume
  • A thinner, flakier and golden crust

Level of use

From 1 to 3 percent on flour weight depending on the process and the quality of flour used.

Direction for use

For better results, blend Magimix Blue® directly with the dry flour to ensure good dispersion of the gluten.


10kg bag in a box.


To ensure the best results, store Magimix Blue® in a cool and dry place (temperature should not exceed 30°C).


24 months from production date.