Dry Yeast

Instant Success

Widely recognized by Vietnamese bakers, Instant Success® is suitable for all kinds of bread making processes.

Applications & Benefits

Simple to use, Instant Success® does not need to be rehydrated like active dry yeast and offers a fast and uniformed absorption within the dough. Its high fermentation power remains stable during its 2 year shelf-life.

Two grades are available

Bakers choose between the two grades according to the usage conditions (the addition of sugar, fat, colourings or preservatives, etc.) and the production processes employed (temperatures, baking times, etc.) for the recipe concerned. A team of baking technicians from the Lesaffre Baking Center™ is available to respond to any specific requirements that clients may have.

Instant Success® Silver

For lean doughs (from 0 to 10% sugar as a proportion of the flour weight).

Instant Success® Gold

For sweet dough varieties (with a sugar content in excess of 5% of the total flour weight).


Instant Success® can be used between 0.5 and 2 percent of flour weight, depending on process and application.


500 g vacuum pack sachet.


To be stored in a cool, dry place in its original packaging.


With a 2 year shelf-life, Instant Success® retains all of its performance and characteristics up until the expiry date shown on the sachet. Consume within 48 hours after opening.


Instant Success