Ibis 300

Ibis®300 is a general purposed improver designed for the production of all types of breads.

Ibis®300 is adapted to all different types of flours.


Ibis®300 develops the dough and increases the gas retention for more volume.

Extensibility and tolerance are enhanced.

The products made with Ibis®300 have an appealing golden brown crust, a better smell and a good taste.

Level of use

From 0.3 to 0.5% on flour weight.

Direction for use

Put Ibis®300 into the flour, add other ingredients and then start mixing.


Carton box containing 24 sachets of 300g, i.e.: 7.2kg net weight.

20kg bag in a box for industrial use.


Ibis®300 is a top-quality product which requires careful storage. To ensure the best results, store Ibis®300 in a cool and dry place (temperature should not exceed 30°C).


24 months from production date.


Ibis 300