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Created in 1974, the Baking Center™ concept has been defined as the place for expertise exchanging technics, baking technology and innovation for the new products. As an essential partner for manufacturers, artisans and distributors, the Baking Center™ network of 38 branches located in over 5 continents makes the most of its knowledge, bread-making technologies as well as mastering characteristics of each ingredient in order to meet market needs.

To be equipped with modern tools & equipment, Baking Center™ is a really wonderful place where experts and bakers as well as customers come to exchange and share experiences, know-how. Technical assistance, product development, and process optimization, sensory analysis and tailored training are one of the services specially designed to meet customers’ needs. Baking Center™ technicians and experts work closely with Lesaffre researchers to prepare for the future and always offer innovative new solutions.

Saf-Viet opened its own Baking Center™ in Ho Chi Minh City in 2013, where technician bakers regularly receive local and international guests. Saf-Viet technical advisors also spend a lot of time on field, assisting customers directly in their premises.

Moreover Lesaffre recently open a Baking Center in Singapore where bakers from APAC can receive extensive support with a large range of services such as training, product development, ingredient formulation, troubleshooting etc…



Baking Center™

  • A pioneering concept created in 1974,
  • A network of 38 baking centers distributed over 5 continents,
  • More than 120 baking technician,
  • Forty or so researchers working alongside Baking Center™ technicians,
  • Technical assistance 365 days a year, 7 days a week,
  • Lesaffre products and services are sold in more than 180 countries


Saf-Viet Baking Center™

  • Saf-Viet Baking Center™ provides technical support for craft bakeries and industrial players all over Vietnam.
  • Saf-Viet Baking Center™ provides technical support in English, French and Vietnamese.


Saf-Viet Baking Center