Cat Tuong Blue

Cat tuong xanh

Applications & Benefits
Well established with decades of market presence. Cat Tuong® Blue fresh yeast is recommended for the manufacturing any type of low sugar bakery products using traditional methods.

Cat Tuong® Blue is adapted for long fermentation and a slow proofing process.

It contains between 30 to 33% of dry matter.

Extremely crumbly, it can easily be added during mixing time.

Cat Tuong® Blue yeast is recognized for its consistency.

Cat Tuong® Blue fresh yeast gathers all the advantages of a fresh yeast in terms of performance and quality.

This yeast is adapted for any lean dough recipe using low sugar and fat content.

Add Cat Tuong® Blue fresh yeast directly to the flour at the beginning of the mixing step.

Cat Tuong® Blue is available in cartons of 20 blocks of 500g individually wrapped in polyethylene packaging.

To keep its quality performance, Cat Tuong® Blue fresh yeast needs to be stored in cool conditions between +1oC to +10oC.

Product shelf-life
Up to 5 weeks from the production date in closed original packaging if stored in dry conditions with good air circulation at +1oC to +10oC.

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