DBL Master – Mantau

DBL Master – Mantau
DBL-Master® is a powerful improver specially recommended for the production of all types of yeast raised steam buns, with or without fillings.

DBL-Master® successfully provides volume, texture, softness and a better general appearance to your products.

DBL3Optimised mixing

DBL-Master® optimizes the mixing step and limits oxidation of the dough.

Increases tolerance

Using DBL-Master® in your recipe allows a better tolerance of the dough. The glutinous network is reinforced and the development during steaming is optimized.

Greater elasticity

DBL-Master® provides greater extensibility to the dough which facilitates handling and flow of the dough. Finished products are more consistent.

Volume increase

DBL-Master® provides fast initial fermentation and development which improves your product’s volume.

High quality finished product

DBL-Master® improver limits shrinkage on your steamed buns and improves the general aspect of your products with a white and smooth surface, better and fine crumb texture.

Level of use

From 0.2 to 0.3% on flour weight.

Direction for use

Add DBL-Master® directly into the flour and mix.


Carton box containing 12 sachets of 500g, i.e.: 6kg net weight.


To ensure the best results, store DBL-Master® in a cool and dry place (temperature should not exceed 30°C).


18 months from production date.


DBL Master – Mantau