Company value

Human resource is the important factor for the stable development of one organization. For Saf-Viet, employees are the most valuable assets. People working at Saf-Viet are dynamic and creative. Thanks to the attempts, creation, participation and dedication in daily work of each employee, they make Saf-Viet more and more developed and succeed.

Criteria to evaluate Saf-Viet employees based on the four core values:

Saf-Viet core Values

1. Customer focus & Customer service

Customers’ satisfaction comes first, this includes maintaining an effective customer relationship. We should keep attention on the customers, anticipating their needs and valuing their input.

2. Quality and Precision

“What we do, we should do it well”. Also we must always try to find better ways to solve problems.

3. Respect and openness

We work as a team, listening to each other and providing feedback in a collaborative way.

4. Policies and Procedures

We design and follow the policies and procedures of the group, and of our company.

In addition to those values, the other good qualities also need to create the solid foundation of Saf-Viet staff:  Honesty – Keen learning – Improvement – Sharing.

Saf-Viet is very proud of its employees because they are not only a valuable asset to the growth and success of Saf-Viet but also to the growth and success of the Lesaffre Group.