Sour Dough

Arome Levain F200

Arome Levain

Thanks to its extensive knowledge in the field of micro-organisms and fermentation processes, Lesaffre has developed high quality patented ingredients designed to improve taste and flavor of your bread. Arôme Levain® is a dry sourdough naturally fermented with typical sourdough/ leaven bacteria.

Applications & Benefits

Arôme Levain® brings added valued to your breads by giving it a typical sourdough taste and a rustic appearance.

Arôme Levain® improves the shelf-life of the bread.

Arôme Levain® has no fermentation characteristics, giving the end products all the taste and aroma of sourdough produced from wheat.

Arôme Levain® is very easy to use. It requires no preparation and can be added directly to the mixer. It has been developed for applications involving both short & long fermentation times. Its powder form makes it easy to handle and to store.

Boule Levain 1


Add Arôme Levain® directly to the flour and mix.


Between 1 to 3 percent on flour weight.


Kraft bag of 25kg weight, waterproof polyethylene inner bag.

Storage and shelf-life

1 year from production date, stored in a dry and cool place.